Welcome to the Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club.

For anyone interested in Bernese Mountain Dogs there can be no better
investment than our current membership fee of £12.00 single, £14.00
joint (husband and wife or two owners in partnership) and £16.00
(sterling) for overseas members, whether single or joint.

To join, simply fill in the application form and return it to the
membership secretary with your cheque or postal order, made out to

The financial year of the club is from 1st January to 31st December.
Membership renewals are due on 1st January. The membership of anyone
who joins after 1st September is valid until 31st December of the
following year, whereupon it shall require renewal as normal.

A copy of the rules and regulation of the club is appended and further
copies may be obtained from the secretary.
Applications for membership shall be ratified, or rejected, at the
committee meeting following receipt.

Please click on the link below for an application form to become a member.
SBMDC Membership Application Form 2020.pdf

If you are already a member and just want to renew your membership please click below.

SBMDC Membership Renewal 2020 A4.pdf

'A Club catering for all Bernese interests'
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